Progress Report: September 2014

Progress Report October 2014 updatedFirst things first, I want to apologize for not posting more consistently. It’s not like I have any readers who have been eagerly waiting for my posts, but, at this rate, I certainly won’t have any readers. Obviously that’s bad for a lot of the goals laid out in my master goal list. However, I haven’t stopped posting out of laziness or writer’s block. I have a number of posts lined up, outlined, and written. Yet, apart from this progress report and another huge giveaway contest hosted by David N. Alderman, I don’t intend to post anything else here at I’ll get right into the reason for that in this month’s progress report, a report where I’ll also explain everything I’ve done up until now. Perhaps one day, if I get brave enough or start making enough substantial money to feel as though I can be helpful to others pursuing similar forms of happiness, I’ll create income reports Pat Flynn style.

Website Renovations: Taking My Websites to the Next Level

I’ve been making free websites with free platforms – Proboards, Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Wix etc. – since I was a freshman in high school. I’ve experimented with bits of coding and buying domains, but that’s all. I never felt like I needed or wanted a website host, advertising or access to designers, but with these next three websites I’m planning, I want it all. That’s where Bluehost and Elegant Themes comes in. Right now I’m just saving up with the money I’m making from my day job, but I’ve already decided what themes I want. I can’t wait to use them! They’re extremely beautiful and professional, and since I’ve got big things planned for those sites and haven’t done too much with my current sites (meaning it’ll be easier to transfer all my content over to the next blog), I figure it would be a good idea to stop posting before it gets harder to move the content.

Updated Editorial Assistance

I still have a LOT more updates to integrate (a comprehensive guide to editing, a guest post series for editors to share advice, and a change of services focusing mainly on manuscript critiques and worksheets), but I’m saving all of those updates for the new website. I did make some basic updates on the current website though – mainly, the terms and conditions make sense again and I no longer offer book review services. I’ve decided that if I want to write reviews and also make money for all the hard work I put into writing thorough reviews, I’ll try to write for Kirkus Indie or something similar.

Created a Basic Mind Map for Checklists for Self-Publishing a Book and a full outline for Checklists for Editing a Book

Checklists for Self-Publishing a Book is the big nonfiction book I’m working on. It’s not some guru book. How could I be a guru of something I’ve never done before? It is, more than anything, me learning the process of self-publishing by self-publishing this book and then me sharing my checklists and everything I’ve learned. This is a test book of sorts so that I can prepare myself to self-publish my fiction books while also helping others. I plan on publishing it is an e-book and a print book. It’ll be a while before it’s ready for publication.

Checklists for Editing a Book, however, is just one section of Checklists for Self-Publishing a Book. Before I publish the whole book, I’m going to make the editing section of the book a free blog series at Editorial Assistance. I think it makes a lot of sense to share part of the book for free, and what better part to share than the editing section? Plus, since most of my content at the new Editorial Assistance will be guest posts from other editors, it’s very important I also create valuable content of my own. It all works out for a variety of reasons, but it’ll definitely be hard work.

Learned About Backlinking and Keyword Research Courtesy of Pat Flynn

These days, writers, especially writers who are self-publishing, are business people as much as they are creative people. I’m glad I’ve always thought of myself as an entrepreneur AND a writer because studying both feels separately made me realize just how much they intermingle. Your book is not just your artistic labor of love; it’s also your product. The moment you have a product you’re trying to sell, you’re an entrepreneur.

That’s why I think it’s important to learn about backlinking and keyword research. It’s almost a necessity these days for writers to have a blog. If you’re going to have a blog anyway why not think like a blog entrepreneur and also learn about building traffic and the right keywords to use to perhaps make money from ads?

I took lots of notes on the following articles/podcasts:, THE Backlinking Strategy That Works – 2014 and Beyond, Passive Income 101

I didn’t make any money my first month of starting my pursuit of happiness (nor did I expect to), but I at least learned a lot. It’s been a pretty great start 🙂


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